Jen’s Hemp is a Leading Hemp
& CBD Wholesale Product Distributor

We Offer the World’s
Highest Purity CBD Products

Licensed and Insured to
Distribute Hemp and CBD Products

About Jen’s Hemp

Fully licensed and insured to distribute wholesale CBD & Hemp products.
All CBD products originated from 100% USA Grown Hemp, from Seed to Sale.
Jen’s Hemp is the most reliable wholesale distributor in the USA.
We are supplied by over 100,000 SqFt of CBD Production Facilities.
We supply dispensaries, doctors, traditional & online stores.

Pure Wholesale CBD Isolate

100% pure and rigorously tested CDB. Contains no THC, pesticides, metals or other contaminants. Ideal for bulk consumables, tinctures, pills or other edibles. We can also supply byproducts like hemp wax and terpenes.

CBD Infused Products

We offer a large selection of wholesale CBD products ranging from edibles, tinctures, pills and topical creams. All of our CBD products can be purchased in bulk at wholesale rates. All products are created from 100% pure CBD distillate.

Hemp Products

Hemp is an amazing plant and Jen’s Hemp offers a large selection of hemp wholesale products for purchase. From creams to soaps to clothing, hemp can make it all. Our product selection is increasing almost daily as innovators discover new uses.

How Does Our CBD Wholesale Work?

All products are sold at wholesale prices and are intended for high-volume acquisitions. It is okay to purchase a small sample to test and taste. We can supply pure CBD or premade products, and we can offer white label products that carry your own brand name.

Jen’s Hemp is capable of fulfilling very large orders and to large retailers. For example, we can produce over 7,500 pill bottles of CBD per day with over 100 pills per bottle. Jen’s Hemp can sell pure CBD isolate by the kilo.

Prices for products vary from time to time depending on CBD market rates. It is also necessary to ensure that you are able to purchase CBD and/or hemp products in volume within the state you reside in.

Then Jen’s Hemp team is happy to work with you to discuss our products, pricing, purity and distribution logistics.

How to Order or Sample our CBD Products?

To discuss acquiring our wholesale CBD and hemp products, you need to talk to Jen. We can provide wholesale CBD isolates or packaged products. The best way to reach Jen is to submit an information request form.

Jen’s Hemp can also be reached directly from an email at, or by calling and leaving a detailed message at 877.232.4445. Jen or a Jen’s Hemp associate will reach out at their earliest opportunity.

If you are making a purchase for yourself and cannot make bulk purchases, we recommend visiting our online retail store at

Why is Jen’s Hemp the Best CBD & Hemp Wholesaler?


All of the Pieces come Together at Jen’s Hemp

We work directly with CBD production labs and our facility is within a CBD lab. Jen’s Hemp also has access to pure CBD isolate and hemp products from five other facilities. Our ability to distribute CBD and hemp products reliably and with high purity is second to none. You can count on our wholesale CBD and hemp products to be distributed on time and in volume.


Superior Process, Rigorous Testing

We have the creation of CBD isolate down to an art, and science. Our team employs a true organic chemist, chemical engineer and material scientist. This ensures industry-leading quality and repeatable results. But that’s not good enough… We rigorously test each batch of CBD with independent test facilities to ensure that our we sell the worlds-leading wholesale CBD isolate.


Jen’s Hemp can Mass Produce Products

With our high tech equipment, industry-leading labs and amazing people, we can mass produce products. We are efficient producers and we are not greedy. Despite reaching superior product quality and rigorously testing product quality, we can still maintain competitive prices. At Jen’s Hemp, we strictly abide by all regulation, are licensed and insured to prevent manufacturing shutdown.


Large Selection of CBD and Hemp Products

Jen’s Hemp produces dozens of popular CBD and hemp products and we keep coming out with more and more. We are also partnered with dozens of other companies in order to offer one of the largest selections of wholesale CBD and Hemp products. If we don’t make it, rest assured that one of our partners does and we can still supply you with what your customers are seeking.

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