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About Jen’s Hemp

Fully licensed and insured to distribute wholesale CBD & Hemp products.
All products are hemp-based and contain < 0.3% THC.
Based in Steamboat Springs, CO, we serve the entire USA.
Jen’s Hemp is owned and managed by Jen’s CBD Shop, LLC.

Jen Kelly

With decades of experience managing offices in various financial industries, Jen brought her talent to the hemp and CBD industry. Jen’s husband, John Kelly, is the founder of Everything Diesel, a Hemp Foundry company. Everything Diesel is one of the largest CBD isolate producers in the world, and Jen created Jen’s CBD Shop, LLC to be one of its largest distributors. Jen brings her charismatic personality to work every day with a natural ability to make people smile while somehow still getting big things done.

Don Svederus

Don brings expertise with material analysis. With extensive experience running advanced and high-tech equipment like scanning electron microscopes (SEM) and electron backscatter detectors (EDX), he knows what stuff is made of. Don ensures final product quality and that all equipment is running at peak efficiency. Don also assists with general company operations that include digital commerce and logistics. Don and Jen are brother and sister and enjoy the opportunity to combine their skills and work together.

Chris Sharp

Chris Sharp was classically trained as a Chemical Engineer and worked in the semiconductor industry at Micron Technology and Hewlett Packard. In the late 90s, Chris founded the digital marketing company SharpNet which is one of the leading digital marketing firms in the USA. Chris contributes to Jen’s CBD Shop as both and Engineer and an industry-leading marketing professional. The trio (Jen, Don and Chris), along with John Kelly, make a dynamic team ideally suited to produce and sell CBD.

More About Jen’s CBD Shop and Jen’s Hemp

Jen’s CBD Shop, LLC, owner/manager of, is full licensed and insured to manufacture and sell hemp-based CBD products. We are stringent with all local, State and Federal regulation and remain an icon in the industry for compliance and ethics in operation.

Welcome to Jen’s Hemp… We are a leading wholesale distributor of hemp-based products including CBD. In addition to producing our own products, we have many friends who produce many amazing products. What we don’t produce ourselves, we can provide through our partners in high volume and at wholesale rates. If we don’t make it, or don’t have a partner who makes it, let us know. Being a direct manufacturer, we may be able to create something for you.

What Drives Us?

Jen’s Hemp is the wholesale website owned and managed by Jen’s CBD Shop, LLC. Jen’s CBD Shop is owned by founder Jen Kelly and partners Don Svederus and Chris Sharp. Our goal is to distribute the highest quality CBD and hemp-base product to the USA, while remaining price-competitive vs. lesser quality producers. In doing so, we exceed federal compliance and industrial standards. Someone needs to be the best, and it may as well be us. Jen won’t settle for anything less.

Our Hemp Friends and Hemp-Friendly News

Hemp Foundary

Thanks to our friends at the Hemp Foundry and John Kelly, the CEO/Founder of Everything Diesel! Look for us at any major CBD or hemp-based event and conference. We’d all love to chat with you.

A New Industry is Born

With the passing for the Farm Bill in 2018, a new industry was born. CBD along is projected to exceed $15 by 2025. The hemp industry itself will be much, much bigger and CBD is only one of many resources that hemp offers.

Farmers Needed!

The projected need for hemp-based products is staggering. At $1.04 billion in 2018, the CBD industry is conservatively expected to exceed $15 billion by 2025. If you are interested in allocating a portion of your crops to Hemp, contact us and we’ll get you in touch with the right people.

Diesel Haus Extracts

Jen’s husband, John Kelly, is the owner and founder of Diesel Haus Extracts. Duesek Haus operates as a licensed industrial hemp extraction facility producing full spectrum CBD distillate and 100% pure CBD isolate.


In addition to our own CBD Isolate products, we are proud to offer LeafWell edibles and tinctures as a wholesale distributor. LeafWell specializes in edible CBD products and tinctures.

Ben and Jerry's

Hemp products and CBD are gaining national recognition. Even Ben and Jerry’s is jumping on-board! As the corporate world see the commercial benefit of CBD and hemp products, availability and popularity will increase.

In the News - LEGO

Did you know that by 2030, LEGO plans on producing 100% of their plastic from Hemp? Hemp is an amazing, renewable plant that has literally thousands of uses including humans, pets, plastics, apparel and much more.

Growing Support for CBD

Hemp based products, including CBD is growing in understanding and in popularity. As understanding and acceptance of CBD increases, so does its popularity and demand.

Steamboat CBD

Offers retail sales of CBD and hemp products to the local community of Steamboat Springs, CO.

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